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ENVIRONMENTAL 101: To Do, or Not to Do a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

In many cases, environmental issues can present problems that can be both complicated and costly. Regulatory requirements govern many business decisions as do issues like time, money and value of the project. With any complex situation, the success or failure of your project depends on the skill and experience of the consultant. A Phase I ESA is typically the first step in performing environmental due diligence relating to a property. The … Continue Reading

ENVIRONMENTAL 101: Radon Mitigation and Testing

Should I test for Radon Gas in my home? Yes, you should! According to the EPA, Radon is the leading Cause of Lung Cancer for Non-Smokers You can’t see it. You can’t smell it. You can’t taste it. Radon, a Class A carcinogen, is the second cause of lung cancer overall. Radon is responsible for more than 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year (one every 25 minutes).  In Florida, one in five homes tested has elevated radon levels above the EPA action … Continue Reading

“I have worked with Kurt for probably ten years or better. He has always been very responsive and extremely competitive from a pricing standpoint. He helped us recently with a Phase II on a drycleaner that we were foreclosing here in Gainesville and was invaluable in helping us make a decision on the property (we ended up deciding not to foreclose because of the potential cost to cleanup). I would recommend him highly.”

Danny Gilliland - Gainesville Market President /Gateway Bank of Central Florida